Update Your Wardrobe With Handmade Hair Accessories

For most people, the months after Christmas are spent patching financial holes created by present-buying, trip-taking and all those other unforeseen, expensive necessities that invariably seem to present themselves around the holiday season. This also happens to be the time of the year when I start longing for the first signs of spring and begin to tire of my winter “uniform” (jeans, boots, sweater and a scarf, literally everyday).

Although it’s not exactly balmy here in Denver yet, we’ve been lucky enough to have several over-60 degree days in the past couple of weeks, and stores have started to rid themselves of thick leggings and jackets in anticipation of brighter, lighter, more cheerful inventory. As much as I’d like to start investing in cute new spring styles, I simply can’t justify it (at least yet). Instead, to revive outfits I’d rather stick in storage and not revisit for the next 8 months, I’ve turned to accessories: headbands, jewelry and nail polish.

Inexpensive and widely available, accessories will easily transition into warmer seasons and will help to resuscitate dull winter clothes in the meantime. In particular, hair accessories are a great way to dress up old clothes and add interest around the face, instantly brightening up an outfit for a special occasion or night out. While hair accessories can be found anywhere from Target to TJ Maxx, I’ve found that some especially unique and beautiful pieces are available in abundance on Etsy.

Which are your favorites?

1. Dreams By The Sea: Gorgeous, delicate headbands, barrettes and more. Although primarily made as weddings accessories, several of the nature-themed accessories are low-key enough to work for year-round beautiful hairstyles.

"Daphne" Leaf Bobby Pins are available for $38.00.

“Daphne” Leaf Bobby Pins are available for $38.00.

2. Where The Moon Goes: Offering hand-beaded bracelets, necklaces, belts and headbands, this shop is full of gorgeous, colorful accessories that are sure to attract compliments with any outfit.

"Sonus Lilium" Beaded Headband available for $45.00.

“Sonus Lilium” Beaded Headband is available for $45.00.

3. Academy J: With a vintage vibe, these headbands and clips are perfect to dress up or dress down and come in a variety of styles and colors. Affordably priced, these accessories are great statement pieces to pair with a range of everyday or special occasion outfits.

"Sonny" Beaded Headband is available for $24.00.

“Sonny” Beaded Headband is available for $24.00.


Tried & True: What’s Your Go-To Product?


Via: boudoirvanity.tumblr.com

Via: boudoirvanity.tumblr.com

Some of my most vivid memories, so lifelike they bring back a flood of crisp colors and rich aromas, are the summers I spent as a child at my grandparents’ home outside of Chicago.

One muggy day I remember lying in the grass beside the backyard patio, when I heard the screen door open and lazily slam behind my grandmother, who approached with a small box in her hand. I knew from the signature design on the box that it was her Coty Powder, one of the few items of makeup she used, a loose powder I associated with glamorous parties and complex, grownup conversation.

In her ceremonial way that made everything seem vastly exciting and infinitely special, she presented the box to me, the powder all used up, and told me to keep whatever I wanted in it. That summer, I hoarded everything from 25 cent jewelry to glittery bouncy balls in that box; and although faded, the subtle fragrance that reminds me so intensely of my grandmother still remains.

When I recently searched for the powder online, it made me smile to see that it is still sold and that many women write raving reviews for the product, some of the women having used it for over 20 years. Equipped with a fluffy powder puff, the powder is still made using its original formula, and the packaging still evokes the days of Hollywood starlets and old school glamor.

Whenever my overpriced, “high definition” powder runs out, I think I may try experiencing this tried and true cosmetic. The feeling of opening a new box, the familiar scent scattered into the air will alone make the $7 worth it.

Do you have a cosmetic that’s tried & true? What beauty tricks did your grandmother teach you? Let us know!