New Years Resolutions You’ll Want to Keep


I’ve never been big on New Years resolutions. To me, they’ve always seemed like more of a ritual than a real commitment, promises to ourselves that we enthusiastically discuss with our coworkers the first week of January but can’t remember by the time summer rolls around. Still, it’s easy to be charmed by the spirit of optimism that comes with a fresh beginning, and so, yet again, I’ve made my list of resolutions; only this time, I decided to resolve to do things that I actually like.

Too many times, resolutions bring an extra burden of obligation to already stressed agendas, setting us up for failure before we even set foot in the gym, begin our new diet, or try to throw away our last pack of cigarettes. One of the few certainties of the coming year is that, like all years past, among joy, happiness and contentment, there will be unforeseen setbacks, mistakes and discouragement that will inevitably test our resilience and strength.

Everyday life tends towards a pattern of hectic, stressful repetition — so why not resolve to get back to the simple, doable things we love to do? And maybe in doing the things we love, we’ll finally find the energy to take the hard steps towards tackling the things we don’t.

2013 Resolutions/Goals:

  • Read often & write more
  • Cook some of the vegetables I’ve always been curious about in the produce section
  • Use the knitting pattern my grandma gave me for Christmas to create a cozy new scarf
  • Play with rescue animals at the shelter
  • Check out some lives shows without really knowing the band’s music
  • Get back into drawing & painting (it’s been since high school!)
  • Take advantage of the weather this spring and bike where I need to go
  • Become a¬†connoisseur of wine¬†(ie. learn to choose wines based on more than the bottle design)
  • Adopt a kitten

What are your resolutions this year?