Infographic: Beauty Through The Decades



2 thoughts on “Infographic: Beauty Through The Decades

  1. I love studying fashion throughout the ages, so this was definitely an amazing find for me (except for the introduction of crocs-I get upset when people even mention them in conversation and everytime I pass the crocs store at the mall). I especially like how there was emphasis on how fashion changes faster now. The changes made between the 20th century to the 21st is startling in comparison to those made between the Middle Ages and Industrial Revolution. Must be all the new technology advancements.

    • I find fashion to be fascinating, as well! Yes, I’m thinking technology, ie. factory-made clothes and “fast fashion” like H&M and Forever 21 have allowed for trends to fly by so quickly. In some ways, it seems wiser to invest in classic pieces, even if they might be more expensive

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