Unique Jewelry Inspired by Nature

Etsy can be a great place to find jewelry if you’re looking for unique pieces without high-end boutique prices. At the same time, searching through literally thousands of shops to score the perfect item can be a daunting, time consuming task. Whenever I’m trying to find a thoughtful gift or just something to treat myself, I usually turn to lists online of the best shops for the genre I need.

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of gorgeous jewelry involving natural elements including leaves, stones and wood. Perusing Etsy, I came up with the following list of stores whose items inspired by nature are both beautiful and versatile:

  • Modern Flower Child: Drawing inspiration from fashions of the early 1970’s, these pieces are handmade using dried flowers, grasses and other organic material suspended in clear resin. The effect is earthy with plenty of focus on natural elements, but also unexpectedly modern and fresh.
  • Hendywood: Created using wood, stones and glass, this jewelry lends a simple, polished aesthetic to a natural, handmade feel. Not in the market for jewelry? This shop also offers everything from decorative, hand-carved bowls to cute wooden buttons.
  • All Natural Wonders: Including jewelry that contains real leaves plated in gold, silver and copper, All Natural Wonders offers intricate, delicate pieces suitable for everyday use and special occasions alike. With the inclusion of swarvoski crystals and semi precious stones in many of the pieces, this shop offers a more glamorous side to nature-inspired jewelry.

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